Published on Nov 9, 2022

It is a fact that the current generation of youths are surrounded with cutting-edge technology, but what about the group of senior citizens where they did not grow up with such "techy" stuff? What do you think are their response to virtual reality (VR)?

These are some of their comments:

  • "It redefines reality because it does feel real"

  • "Virtual reality is unreality"

  • "You can experience total freedom"

  • "Made me feel like superman"

  • "An escape for people in hospital beds for a long time"

  • "Those stuck in beds and be able to do this, would probably make them better"

  • "Tremendously therapeutic"

  • "Virtual reality is, in itself, an adventure"

  • "I hadn't realized that it (technology) progressed to this state and this sort of thing could be done"

Actually, VR is being used to better the lives of senior citizens by reducing loneliness, improving their mental health and transporting them to places without needing to endure the physical travel.

If you have any senior citizens at home, perhaps it is time to consider getting them a VR headset for this coming Christmas?

Credit to VR Scout

Author Name: Team D-Virtual Park Bangi