Published on May 4, 2022

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Beat Saber’s primary exercise comes from the fast upper body movement needed to slice musical blocks, along with moderate side-to-side leaning, and occasional squats to avoid obstacles. However, other than ducking, Beat Saber did not require the player to move their feet much in order to be successful at the game. While oncoming obstacles do require the player to lean to the left and the right occasionally, they do not require it enough to physically move from side to side. This makes Beat Saber fairly playable in a smaller space, but also limits one of the primary motions VR/AR games can use to raise heart rate.

Beat Saber is a game that highlights the impact of skill on its potential as exercise. The rater played Beat Saber for ~4 hours prior to recording data for rating, and successfully earned a B or above on Expert difficulty during the rating period. However, they were not even close to being able to reliably beat later songs on the highest difficulty setting. The rater believes that if they were more skilled with the game, they would be able to achieve moderately higher levels of energy expenditure. To illustrate this, we have posted the heart rate data from the rater’s four separate sessions, each as they got progressively better and able to play at higher difficulties. Ratings for Beat Saber were based on the final session, the highest observed energy burn in a controlled setting.

Gameplay is consistent from beginning to end, playable for extended times, and raters felt that their sample was likely representative of a typical play across most moderate to expert skill levels.

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