You may be familiar with D-Virtual Park for its captivating VR/AR attractions

The fun, however, doesn’t just stop there. D-Virtual Park, Evo Mall Bangi is the perfect venue to commemorate any special event!

Birthday celebrations

We cater up to 35 pax. If you and your loved ones are thrill seekers and would like to experience a revolutionary gaming experience, this is the perfect venue to celebrate your special day!

Family Gatherings

Running out of ideas when it comes to spending quality time with your spouse, kids or/and relatives? No problem! Just come down! We have VR attractions that definitely make your family gathering a memorable and well spent one!

Team Building Activities

Take a break and have a field trip to D-Virtual Park, Evo Mall Bangi with your fellow colleagues! Unwind and get to know your colleagues’ fun side better!

D-Virtual Park, Evo Mall Bangi

D-Virtual Park, Evo Mall Bangi was established following the success of D-Virtual Park’s inaugural branch in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. Aimed at appealing to our West Malaysian customer base, it boasts a unique collection of 8 VR attractions and an additional 2 AR attractions.

D-Virtual Park, Evo Mall Bangi customises our games so that it can be enjoyed by all players of varying skill sets. Our games are designed to optimise individual preferences and is bang for your buck!

About DVP
Everything is beyond your expectation.

We also host the first customisable hologram theatre, where you get to experience two 10-minute screenplays, offering the most revolutionary form of cinematic experience.

Visit us now for an enjoyable experience of latest hotspot in town and get your dose of virtual reality at D-Virtual Park, Evo Mall Bangi!