Published on Apr 27, 2022

Whether you are a tech enthusiast as a consumer or a business owner, check out these 45 eye-opening virtual reality statistics. There is bound to be a stat that will take you by surprise! 

  1. The consumer VR market worldwide is predicted to reach $3.7 billion a the end of 2021

  2. China is projected to have the most substantial AR/VR spending worldwide in 2024

  3. VR/AR devices will see a growing increase in demand over the next few years

  4. The engineering industry will derive great benefits from the adoption of VR

  5. VR is gradually gaining ground in e-commerce

  6. In 2021, 17.7% of people will use VR in the US

  7. User experience is one of the greatest obstacles to VR adoption

  8. Facebook was the world's largest vendor of VR headsets in 2020

  9. The worldwide AR and VR market size is forecast to grow 7.7 times between 2018 and 2022

  10. The consumer sector accounted for the largest share (53%) of global VR and AR spending in 2020

  11. The VR worldwide market share was $6.1B in 2020

  12. Recent stats show that China was the largest AR/VR spender in 2020 at $5.8B

  13. 26 million AR and VR headsets were owned in 2020

  14. The sales of smartphone VR devices consistently fell over the years

  15. Demand of standalone VR devices will grow over 16 times between 2018 and 2022

  16. Worldwide spending on VR content and apps is forecast to reach $3.77B in 2021

  17. VR video gaming revenues are expected to reach $2.4B in 2024

  18. A cosmetic brand in 2020 recorded outstanding growth in sales after creating an AR filter

  19. Gaming will also remain the sector with the maximum VR investment, though its share is expected to come down

  20. The number of VR startups has increased by 14% in less than a year

  21. In 2020, there were more than 57 million VR users in the US

  22. 70% of VR headset-owning consumers have bought a game on it

  23. 78% of Americans are familiar with VR technology now

  24. Only 28% of VR set owners use these devices daily

  25. Younger and male users are more likely to have used a VR headset

  26. 77% of people who use VR want more social engagement in it

  27. 70% of VR users intend to increase their use in the next year

  28. Hardware cost is the biggest entry barrier keeping the VR adoption rate down

  29. 64% of VR users think VR has the greatest potential in gaming

  30. 53% of AR and VR-aware users believe VR has a higher chance of hitting the mainstream first

  31. In 2020, 55% of users found the VR experience satisfying

  32. Samsung is the most widely known brand in VR technology

  33. More professionals are considering adopting VR/AR for training purposes in 2021

  34. 43% of manufacturing companies say VR will become mainstream in their organization within the next three years

  35. The implementation level of VR in manufacturing is the highest in China at 51%

  36. 82% of companies implementing AR/VR indicate that benefits exceed expectations

  37. Repair and maintenance are the most popular focus of AR/VR implementation efforts in manufacturing

  38. Early achievers constitute 6% of all VR experimenters and implementers but derive more than twice the benefits compared to other companies

  39. Investing in R&D teams or an innovation center is the top strategy for expanding AR/VR initiatives among manufacturing companies

  40. 80% of consumers feel positive about experiencing branded VR tactics

  41. 20% of consumers say a branded VR experience would make them feel more positively towards the brand

  42. 13% of consumers say VR experiences will cause them to shop more in physical stores

  43. 75% of Forbes World's Most Valuable Brands have invested in some form of AR/VR experience

  44. 13% of people who experience a vacation in VR go on to book a trip or get in touch with hospitality companies

  45. Virtual reality trends indicate an upward movement in the VR adoption rate in the US

Number 26 surprised us! With that said, the 'metaverse' is definitely going to be a game changer to the industry. Which stat surprised you most?

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