Published on Jul 27, 2022

When we think of VR games, we usually think of single-player experiences, but multiplayer BR games are starting to build in popularity. There are some brilliant games to experience and VR has never been more fun with friends and families. The Gamer has got you covered with their recommended 10 Best Multiplayer VR Games.

10/10 Star Trek: Bridge Crew

9/10 Arizona Sunshine

8/10 Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates

7/10 Cards & Tankards

6/10 Racket: Nx

5/10 Cook-Out

4/10 Propagation VR

3/10 Gorilla Tag

2/10 Beat Saber

1/10 Walkabout Mini Golf VR

D-Virtual Park Bangi has launched our multiplayer VR games and good news, we have two of those games recommended by The Gamer - Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates, and Beat Saber. Here is our full list of VR Multiplayer Games. Do come and enjoy them!

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Credit to The Gamer

Author Name: Team D-Virtual Park Bangi