Published on Apr 20, 2022

2022 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for VR gaming. VR Scout has put together a list of their 10 most-anticipated releases on Quest, PC VR, and PlayStation VR. Here is a look at what to expect this year:

1. Propagation Paradise Hotel
2. Nerf: Ultimate Championship
3. The Twilight Zone VR - looking for players to test the game. Go to:
Welcome to The Twilight Zone — The Twilight Zone VR4. Ultrawings 2 - available Apr 2022 on Steam
5. Ultimechs
6. Tea For God Quest
7. Green Hell VR
8. Vail VR
9. Requisition VR - available Apr 2022 on Steam
10. Little Cities - scheduled release for 21 Apr 2022 (that's tomorrow!)

So, which of the game are you most excited for?

Credit to VR Scout

Author Name: Team D-Virtual Park Bangi